This place is awesome. It's the closest thing to real Italian pizza that you'll find in Albuquerque, so that's really what I love about the place. On top of that, they have student discounts and their lunch special is a great option. It makes it a fabulous value for the money.

Samantha Gordon


We tried Amore for the first time today and it's awesome!! We got the Carni and Swine pizzas and loved them! Make sure to ask for a side of the red chile smoked vinegrette!

Nina Peterson


Amore makes their own cheese!  And they get other ingredients from Local Sources!  Oh, and it's GOOD! Gooder than Good!
And the last time they made a li'l booboo on my order they made it up in such a significant way I'm hoping they'll have another li'l hiccup.
Oh, and now they deliver right to me at Santa Fe Brewing in GreenJeansFarmery! (suddenly that song that goes "I'm in heaven..." is going through my mind)

Clifton C.


Run...DO NOT WALK... To either location of Amore. My husband and I are die-hard thin-crust Napolitano pizza snobs and we have finally found redemption. And get this: even better the next day! (If you follow Chef Gabe's instructions:))

There are no words. The black and white truffle pizza is words--spot on. The calzone-to-go is a masterpiece on Day 2. Naples has nothing on this place. And our server, Jaime, was spectacular. At 1200 degrees, the Amore oven does not disappoint. Enjoy!

Karen Krakower Kaplan