Green Jeans Farmery

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Our Green Jeans Pizzeria

Amore is thrilled to serve our authentic Neapolitan pizza at Green Jeans Farmery. This community-oriented commercial plaza is constructed entirely with repurposed shipping containers as modular, architectural building blocks.  Green Jeans functions as an indoor/outdoor gathering place that builds on ingenuity, fun and localist choices, with the message of healthy living and neighborhood.

We Pair Well

Happily adjacent to our friends at the Santa Fe Brewing Company, we're the de-facto choice when you need a little food with your brew. Perhaps a Rosetta Pizza with your Pilsner? Or a Albuquerque Duke with your IPA? We're here for you!

We're Fresh

With locally sourced toppings and homemade cheese you can't get a fresher pizza. That is, unless you can hop a private jet to Italy.
Save your dough and try ours!