WOW! Amore gets 5 out of 5 Bites from LocalBite

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LocalBite, a premier restaurant review site, has given us 5 out of 5 Bites:

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Albuquerque? Absolutely!!! Amore has brought a great new look to authentic Neapolitan Pizza. The shop looks amazing and the food tastes even better. Everything is fresh and everything is delicious. 


Value: 5 of us were able to eat for about $30. We did make happy hour, which allowed us to order appetizers for $5 but even then the other menu items won’t break the bank.

Taste: Fresh!!! Everything is made from scratch and you can tell. The herbs used make all the flavors pop.  They chop up their own chile, they make their own cheese, and every dish I had was amazing!

Presentation: It’s just pizza, right? How much better does it get than a cardboard box!?! Amore does it right! The appetizers look a lot more elegant, and expensive, than what they are. You’ll feel you’re at an upscale restaurant with every day prices.

Vibe: Very subtle classiness to the restaurant, elegant yet casual, both inside and on the patio. The decor is subtle and you’ll notice tons of little designs within the bigger ones. The restaurant is inviting and at the same time relaxing.

Accessibility: Two convenient locations. The one I went to was on Central, not too far from downtown, in the Country Club Plaza. Pull in and go to the back for additional parking. The second is at Greenjeans off Carlisle just north of I-40.

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