Spotlight on an Amore Favorite: Noni’s Maestro Pie

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Here at Amore, we cherish family, community, and offering pizzas that have been made with care and love. Because our Noni’s Maestro Pie epitomizes all of the above, we wanted to share its story with you. Visit our blog again to learn more about Amore’s specialty Neapolitan pies!


Noni’s Maestro Pie is named after Rhonda Amador, the mother of Amore founder Gabriel Amador. Rhonda created the truffle cream sauce that makes this pie such a special treat.


We love the story of how this pie came about: One of our favorite regular customers, UNM political science professor Lucio Lanucara, has been visiting Amore since practically day one. While chatting with him, Rhonda and Gabriel learned that he imports specialty products from his home country of Italy (he is from the Puglia region), and they have been using the White Truffle Paté and La Rustichella Black Sliced Truffles he brings them ever since. Lucio’s specialty black and white truffles form the core ingredients of the Maestro Pie truffle cream. The cream is 100% authentic truffles, without any diffusing truffle oil.


Rhonda developed the recipe for Noni’s Maestro Pie after much trial and error — getting it just right was an artistic and scientific balancing act. Eventually she and Gabriel came up with a recipe that spotlights the rich, creamy, earthy flavor of the truffles while not overwhelming the delicate cheeses used as the base for the cream. When the truffles, mozzarella, and Pecorino Romano are combined with fresh grape tomatoes and basil, the result is a beautiful medley of flavors — a feast in every bite!


Drop by either Amore location to try Noni’s Maestro Pie! A consistent customer favorite — and a personal favorite of Gabriel and Rhonda as well — its delectable flavor combination is a true rarity, and an unforgettable one at that.