Why Searching for the "Best Pizza Near Me" is a Mistake

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Source: albersHeinemann CC0 Creative Commons

We love asking Siri silly questions like, “What is zero times zero?” The answers are sometimes funny and unexpected, and they’re always interesting. But they aren’t always right.


Although Amore has been awarded “Best Pizza in Albuquerque” by many local and national magazines and websites, we’re not always easily found via a voice search on a mobile phone.


Judging by our search data, a lot of people search for “best pizza near me.” While this is understandably a popular search, it misses the mark.


Our problem isn’t with the “best pizza” (we’ve won lots of best pizza in Albuquerque awards), it’s with the “near me.”


There are number of national pizza chains all around Albuquerque. And if enough inebriated college students voted, they may even have won somebody’s award for best what-passes-for-pizza. Chances are one of these chains are near you. But if you’re looking for really good, Amore-good pizza, “near me” is a near miss.


You have a choice: a forgettable pizza that’s close, or a great Neapolitan pizza that might be a little farther away, but well worth extra mile. Literally. We believe that an Amore Neapolitan pizza is worth the trip outside of your digital assistant’s comfort zone.


Every day, at our two locations, we deliver a wonderful Italian dining experience with authentic Neapolitan flair. We go the distance. You should too.