Food Network Calls Amore the Best Pizza in ABQ!

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Amore the best pizza in ABQWe were so thrilled to learn that has called Amore the best pizza in Albuquerque! In their listing, we popped up in the 33rd spot, representing the 33rd-largest city in the States. What an honor—not just to be selected, but to be chosen to represent the city we love. Read all about it here (Albuquerque is number 33 in the list.)


The Food Network write-up describes our roots in Naples, Italy, our heritage as a family restaurant. Also, our focus on providing exceptional Neapolitan-style pies that incorporate local ingredients and flavors. It did such an incredible job of defining what we hoped to become, and what we’re so proud to know it has become.


Our pies are definitely authentically Neapolitan, but we’re also an authentically Burque restaurant. That’s why we are in the amazing only-in-Albuquerque shipping container‒built Green Jeans Farmery. Plus, we are in West Downtown, just blocks from the Rio Grande and the original eighteen-century city plaza. It’s also why we offer pies like the Zia. It’s named for the symbol that appears on the New Mexico state flag, a sacred symbol for the Zia people. Amore’s Zia pie features the most quintessential New Mexican ingredient: green chile from Hatch, New Mexico. Its spiciness is truly world-famous; we love that the Chile Capital of the World is just a few hours’ drive down I-25. (If you’re more of a Christmas fan, try the Chile P pie. It has both red and green chile from Hatch, with sausage and corn.)


We named our restaurant Amore because it combines so many things we love, from Naples to top-quality pizzas to the town where our dreams were realized: Albuquerque. Love and thank all the people who supported our restaurant and gotten us to where we are. Thank you, ABQ! We look forward to continuing to serve you pies packed with local flavor.