Amore West Downtown #PerfectHarmony Music Series

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There’s a new sound in Albuquerque’s West Downtown – to figure out what it’s all about, Immastar Productions sent Intern, Reina Davis to a recent installment of #PerfectHarmony, a newly fashioned music series that caters to family crowds on weekend afternoons. Reina sat in and then sat down with Alto Estilo front man, Gilbert Uribe – here’s what transpired:


Watching Gilbert Uribe, a member of the band Alto Estilo, perform on the patios of Amore and Five Star Burgers was both entertaining and invigorating. To watch an artist who does what they love to do among good food and people is truly an enviable experience.

Gilbert, who was born and raised in Las Cruces, NM pays homage to his city and the Southwest through his Latin rhythms and overall sound which exemplifies the cultural diversity found in the Southwest. As a musician who has been practicing over fourteen years, his environment as well as his family have shaped him into the person he has become.

“My father was a drummer, and my older brother is a bass Player. My Grandparents also played guitar and piano said Uribe. With influences from his home and his family, Alto Estilo aims to “uplift and inspire listeners through “songs of Consciousness, Change, and Love”. These goals not only provide fervent music and enjoyment, but also strengthen the community as well.

Our communities are at a point of needing said strengthening. Albuquerque is growing, and not all growth is comfortable. For those of us who live and work in the Downtown corridor, we might be able to speak to this discomfort most. Rather than focus on it though, Amore and 5 Star have chosen to direct those energies toward something positive – #SupportingLocal. These two local businesses have banded together and are hosting bands.

EVERY Saturday from 1-4pm come and see bands in the courtyard, playing to both patios. If the weather is just not playing nice, these acts will play inside – twice. They’ll start in one venue, and move to the other after half of those 3 hours are up – so come on down to #ABQWestDowntown.

September will round out with Alto Estilo still on the mic – October brings the likes of Keith Sanchez to the neighborhood. Heard of him? Or we should ask, have you heard him? If not, this is the perfect opportunity to change that. Come out and support #PerfectHarmony – a family friendly, dog friendly, always FREE event, 1-4pm Every Saturday afternoon.


Written by, Reina Davis
Content Creation Intern, Immastar Productions