Amore Featured at New Mexico Homes

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New Mexico Homes, a resource for Albuquerque, NM Real Estate, recently featured us in an article. Read it here: Amore Gives Us Neapolitan Pizza Done Right Fresh Ingredients Straight From Italy.

Here’s an excerpt:

Almost all of Amore’s ingredients are locally sourced from the tightly knit community of Albuquerque farmers and producers. His beer selection is primarily made up of New Mexican brews, while the wines are fittingly Italian. The secret of their pizza is the crust, says Amador. It’s what gives his pizza its distinct, lightly charred flavor. Amador adds that the flour they use, Caputo 00, is the most characteristically Neapolitan flour that is ground slowly, the old-fashioned way, without adding any chemicals, preservatives, or enhancers.


Amador takes pride in making a healthier pizza, and he achieves that in several ways. Amore’s flour is considered some of the purest, made entirely of wheat and naturally lower in gluten than regular flour. Their house-made mozzarella is literally made freshly every morning, which certainly enhances the overall flavor of their pizzas. There are no preservatives in their core ingredients, Amador emphasizes, which sets them apart from other competitors.


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