What is authentic Neapolitan Pizza?

Four simple ingredients — flour, water, yeast, and salt  inspire the passion that is Neapolitan pizza. Amore is New Mexico’s first and only certified Neapolitan Pizzeria (Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani). Our oven is from Naples, Italy. Our tomatoes, flour and other products are sourced from Naples and around Italy. All of our pizzas are hand-crafted to rigorous standards. Our Pizza Margherita is certified authentic (Specialitá Tradizionale Garantita)

Our tradition and authenticity begin with our ingredients. Antico Molino Caputo’s “00” flour is ideal for classic Neapolitan pizza, producing a very soft and flavorful crust. Tomatoes used on Neapolitan pizzas are grown in Campania, which is home to the city of Naples, and the infamous Mt. Vesuvius. The volcanic soil of this region produces the vibrant, flavorful Ciao Pomodoro di Napoli used on our pizza.  Our fresh mozzarella is hand made in our kitchen every morning. A drizzle of Sogno Toscano’s extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of fresh basil leaves finish your Pizza Margherita. After a brief 60 – 90 seconds in our Stefano Ferrara oven, it’s time to savor the timeless flavors of Naples.

Our beers are New Mexican, our wines are Italian and our hearts are true!

Buon Appetito!